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Don’t we all have that lazy day that was not necessarily planned but just came about and hit us hard? So hard that we find it difficult getting out of bed while craving that “breakfast in bed” we saw in the last movie we watched. Yes, that is the lazy day I’m talking about.
Something most persons do not know about lazy days is that it has its own fashion. Of course, it is a lazy day and doesn’t deserve lazy clothes. Did you just frown your face? I know that you just planned staying indoors and probably doing nothing on your lazy day. Well, let’s help you spice your lazy day.
Whatever clothes you would be wearing have to be as casual can be. There’s absolutely no need to accessorize except you are an extreme accessory person. A pair of shorts and a bright coloured T-shirt or tank top can work a lot of magic on your lazy day. A tunic is not a bad idea too. Flip flops to walk around with would complete your lazy day. If it’s a cold lazy day, some horizontally coloured socks would just be fine.
If you are a lady, do not wear nets on your lazy day. I repeat, DO NOT WEAR NETS ON YOUR LAZY DAY! Get a silk scarf if you must cover your hair. The world’s problem isn’t in your house. Looking good is good business.
Here you go with your lazy day spiced with a sprinkle of Int’l Sahar’s stardust. Now enjoy your lazy day with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie to pass time.
How are you dear readers? I hope you are having a lovely day yourself because I am. Like I’ll always say, Int’l Sahar loves you so much.

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