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It’s another Ramadan, so it is about that time when you make a style statement with our festive collection.

Ramadan is here and we have the looks you’ll need to take your fashion to the next level! These traditionally inspired, yet fiercely contemporary looks will give you one more reason to look forward to the fast period every day. Whether you are dining with family, friends or the best of both, make sure you feel your absolute as you adorn your wardrobe with the latest Int’l Sahar fashion collection.

If Ramadan doesn’t call for a new collection, what does! Here’s a sneak peek of our new collection.

You want casual? Casual you will get from us.

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Nobody likes to be underdressed, but when Ramadan comes around, you also want to be comfortable. Worry not, Int’l Sahar got you.

Modest doesn’t have to look dull and this collection proves it.

These conservative looks boast a high fashion finish that will make you shine! Head down to INT’L SAHAR and find the right look for you. Cheers!

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